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MongoDB, an open-source document store and most popular NoSQL database on the market today, offers a variety of advanced features to administer security over your MongoDB deployments. In this tutorial post, we're going to show you how to set up role-based access control (RBAC) to manage user access across your MongoDB systems for reIndex, mongodump and mongorestore. If you're the administrator of your MongoDB databases, you've likely received requests to provide an individual user with the capabilities to perform a certain action(s). MongoDB's security features are fairly mature now, and allow you to create and assign very granular role-based access control. We're going to walk through an example of granting a user the specific privilege of performing the reIndex action in a step-by-step approach through its resolution. Before we demonstrate how to perform this comm... (more)

XFS vs EXT4 – Comparing MongoDB Performance on AWS EC2

AWS is an extremely popular and trusted cloud platform for managing MongoDB deployments, but the question of XFS vs EXT4 has many developers wondering which Linux file system will give them the best performance for their applications. MongoDB's official guide on deploying to production recommends using the XFS file system on Linux, especially when deploying the WiredTiger storage engine.  The recommendation, however, doesn't tell us why we should expect a performance boost or what kind of performance gains we'll experience. We decided to get to the bottom of it by quantitatively ... (more)

MongoDB Write Concern: 3 Must-Know Caveats

'Write concern' in MongoDB describes the level of write acknowledgment you can expect from it. It's a rather important setting to remember in your write operations and its behavior is useful to understand, especially in distributed MongoDB deployments (i.e. replica sets and sharded clusters). In this post, we discuss 3 gotchas when using MongoDB write concern. MongoDB Write Concern MongoDB's documentation defines write concern as "the level of acknowledgment requested from MongoDB for write operations to a standalone mongod or to replica sets or to sharded clusters." Simply put, ... (more)